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Carol Williams

Meet Carol Williams

Carol Williams grew up on land swept by the winds of Lake Ontario and farmed by members of her family for two hundred years. She is the author of the much-loved Emma Field series of novels and now lives on a sheep farm in eastern Ontario. In Her Own Words…“Several years ago, in what can […]

Chapter 12: Treating Your Book Like a Business

In Chapter 11 we reviewed some practical tips on both traditional and self-publishing. If you decide to take the self-publishing route, you’ll need to pay to have your book published. You can choose to pay in dollars, time or a combination of both. The goal is to sell enough copies of your book to recoup […]

In a Rosedale Garden

In a Rosedale Garden – Free on Kindle

In a Rosedale Garden is free on Kindle until Dec 30th.  It’s two books in one! Six members of Brockville’s writers group Writers’ Ink accepted a challenge to write a book together. Writer’s Ink co-founder Anne “Bunty” Loucks wrote a novel titled In a Rosedale Garden over 20 years ago. Although it was released as a newspaper serial, it was […]

If the Moon was a Heart

If the Moon was a Heart – Kindle edition

If the Moon was a Heart by Andrea Wolfe is free on Kindle until Dec 25th. If the Moon was a Heart asks the question: What is the power of Love? The inspiring story and colorful images encourage conversation and the sharing of thoughts, ideas and hope. Ages 1-100. What if you don’t have a […]

In a Rosedale Garden

In a Rosedale Garden – Kindle edition

In a Rosedale Garden is now out in e-book format on Kindle. Visit to purchase a copy. Print versions are also available on and at Leeds County books in downtown Brockville. Six members of Brockville’s writers group Writers’ Ink accepted a challenge to write a book together. Writer’s Ink co-founder Anne “Bunty” Loucks wrote […]

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Chapter 11: Exploring Your Publishing Options

If you have spent some time researching publishing options, you may already be at the information saturation point. Trying to sort through, understand and finally choose an option can feel like a monumental task. The good news is that once you get a feel for the lingo and the mechanics of the publishing process, it […]

In a Rosedale Garden

In a Rosedale Garden

Just Released: In a Rosedale Garden Six local authors join the original writer to re-tell a story written more than twenty years ago. Read In a Rosedale Garden and experience a mystery that transports you to the post-war era of the 40’s and 50’s when a family tragedy buries secrets for future generations to find. […]

Three Wise Men: Sharing Gifts of Knowledge, Art and Inspiration

2013 has been a good year for me, so now that the holiday season is upon us, I would like to give thanks. Thank you Dustin, thank you Seth, and thank you Pat. Thanks for your gifts of knowledge, art and inspiration. All 3 of you have chosen to give your gifts to the world […]

Chapter 10: What is Your Definition of Success?

Success can be defined as the favorable outcome of accomplishing your goals. Understanding your goals and their desired favorable outcomes are the key to making the correct publishing decisions with your book. For example: You probably have a goal of publishing your book. What is your desired favorable outcome? Is it: To deliver an important […]

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Chapter 9: Building Your Author Platform in Person

We just spent the last few weeks together doing some technical things like creating a new g-mail account, facebook fan page, twitter account and a simple author web-site. Now that the computer work is done, it’s time to put some pants on, head out the door and build your author platform in person. Platform and […]