Prehistoric Lakeheaders by Alan Wade

Prehistoric Lakeheaders by Alan Wade

Prehistoric Lakeheaders – The 90-Century Story of Pre-Contact Thunderbayans

Six thousand years before Tut was king in Egypt, people came for the very first time to live at the northwest corner of Lake Minong on the body of water we know today as Thunder Bay. This first community of Lakeheaders, the Stone Tool Thunderbayans, migrated from the American Midwest after global warming had melted the glacier that once covered northwestern Ontario and most of the Northern Hemisphere.

Claude the Frog by Bill Lalonde

This sweet, fun, modern folktale, takes a look at being different, and being happy. Claude is a special frog. While growing up, the other frogs would tease him and didn’t like playing games with him. Claude didn’t let their teasing get him down because his mother told him that someday he would find his happy place. One day Claude overhears some picnickers talking, and he knew what he should do. Saying goodbye to his parents, he sets off to find his destiny.We are all here for a purpose. We are more than enough. We just need to believe it.

The Future of Life by Peter Popper

The Future of Life by Peter Popper

The Future of Life by Peter Popper

The Universe is alive. It requires living, biological organisms to grow and reproduce itself. Life is evolving, ordered information that resides not only in all organisms but also at the surface of the universe. Humans are advanced forms of living information carriers. If we wish to survive and to contribute to the living universe we must protect and advance life. This could be best achieved by expanding peacefully into our galaxy and beyond, while we learn to better understand and work together with other advanced species on our planet. The Milky Way is our playground.

Original Tales For Modern Times by Bill Lalonde

Original Tales for Modern Times by Bill Lalonde

Original Tales For Modern Times by Bill Lalonde

Original Tales For Modern Times is an eclectic mix of stories. Come into this collection of stories and meet: An isolated mother confronting a drunken soldier; A ghost in an abandoned cotton mill; A man who discovers a magical oil painting set; A young boy viewing poverty first hand; A girl who was part of the Screaming Tunnel; A cursed bridge and the affect it had on certain people; A young boy’s summer prank and his joy and terror of winter snow; A suitcase bootlegger; A boy who meets the neighbourhood witch; The mystery of the Tolling Bell …

Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Your Author Bio

Today’s blog post is a guest post from Dave Chesson of Dave has a passion for books and specializes in Kindle e-book marketing.

If you ask a group of authors about the things they are most excited about, you’re unlikely to hear the words ‘author bio’ at any point.

For many, the author bio is simply a chore to tick off the list, about as exciting as signing up for an email address or deleting messages from our inbox.

While understandable, this viewpoint is massively mistaken.

Our author bio is a unique chance to creatively express ourselves as writers and speak directly to our fans.

So why exactly does an author bio matter, and why should you spend time making it awesome?

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How to make a free website

As an author, your web-site can be the center hub of your on-line platform. Everything else links back to it. It’s also the one place that you can clearly communicate your brand to the world.

Your website can have an image of your book cover, links to your book on Amazon, links to your social media accounts and the all important Blog.

Odds are that if you are a writer, you’ll want to write often and about many topics. A Blog is the perfect forum to share your writing with the world so people can get to know you and your writing.

The good news is that today’s websites are simple and functional. A simple free website with a home page, contact page and Blog are all that most writers need.

If you ever considered having your own website but wondered exactly how to make one, you are in luck. The video below is 26 minutes long and shows every step required to make a Free WordPress website. As always, if you would like help setting up your website so you can focus on the writing, we are here to help.

Out of Mirror Lake – Just Released

Out of Mirror Lake cover

Just Released : Out of Mirror lake by Betty Cunningham.

In September 1967 two young women, Maggie Blake and Abby Harper, living in different towns close to the Quebec/Vermont border, give birth to baby girls on the same day. One child is the result of rape; the other baby fails to survive the birth. Eighteen years go by, during which time both women move to Montreal and pursue successful careers. Still unknown to one another, they might have remained so, had not a 79-year-old retired colonel, Maggie’s employer, purchased an abandoned cabin in the woods near Mirror Lake in Quebec’s Eastern Townships in August 1984. While clearing out the cabin, he finds a sealed letter postmarked 1976, addressed to “Abby, c/o Honeymoon Cabin, Mirror Lake.” His curiosity piqued by the cryptic address, he amuses himself by tracking down this Abby’s address and forwarding the letter. Its shocking contents reveal a near decades-old conspiracy involving both women, bringing joy to one and despair to the other.

About Betty Cunningham

Betty Cunningham has been writing for many years, mostly short, humorous stories for her own enjoyment and, following her years as a public health nurse, to amuse her neighbours while raising five children. Later on, she began to write more seriously. Her columns appeared in The Sunday Express, a weekly Montreal newspaper for over a year. For several years, while living in Brockville, Ontario, she belonged to Writers’ Ink and in 2013 contributed to Through a Glass Darkly, a novella written by its members. Out of Mirror Lake is her first full-length novel.

The Secret of the Golden Orbs – Just Released


Just Released: The Secret of the Golden Orbs by R. Patricia Capitain, Book 2 of The de la Montagne Trilogy.

“R. Patricia Capitain has crafted another engaging story for the pre-teen reader. Princesses Cordelia and Emma’s adventures continue, laced with mysterious flying creatures, natural disasters, threatening strangers, and defenseless children. Balancing royal expectations and youthful inexperience, the girls take the reader through more lively twists and turns as they take responsibility for their actions and face the greatest adventure of all—growing up!”    Maggie Wheeler, Author of the bestselling Farran Mackenzie “Lost Villages” mysteries