Chapter 10: What is Your Definition of Success?

SuccessSuccess can be defined as the favorable outcome of accomplishing your goals.

Understanding your goals and their desired favorable outcomes are the key to making the correct publishing decisions with your book.

For example: You probably have a goal of publishing your book. What is your desired favorable outcome? Is it:

  • To deliver an important message to the world
  • To kick start your writing career
  • To establish yourself as an expert in a particular field
  • To have a book to sell on your speaking tour
  • To make money
  • To get on the Ellen show

You can see that two people can have the same goal (publishing a book), but completely different definitions of success. As a publisher, I talk to people all the time who have achieved their goal (their book is published) and are on their road to success. The happy people seem to have made publishing decisions that were in line with their definition of success. They may not have achieved success yet, but they can see that it’s within reach.

What now?

Start by simply writing down your goals and the desired outcome of each. Even if you just start with one for now, you can add more as your journey unfolds. Each time you are faced with a publishing or business decision about your book, just check to make sure that it’s in line with your definition of success.

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