Chapter 2: Introducing New Author Publishing

Thanks for following the Publishing 101 series. I should take a few minutes to give you some background on New Author Publishing. You can check out our website to get the details, but here is an excerpt from the “What we do” paragraph:

New Author Publishing serves the market gap between “Do It Yourself Publishing” and “Traditional Publishing”. We provide a full range of publishing services that our authors can choose from, and we charge an hourly fee to provide the services. Since our authors pay for the services provided, they are entitled to keep 100% of all profits and royalties from the sales of their books. Our authors also maintain all rights to their work.

Since our target market is New Authors, I have had the opportunity to speak with many of you in my travels. After several conversations, it became obvious that the same questions were being asked by many new authors. I also started to see that the questions that should be asked are not. I often found that the amount of information a new author needed was sometimes overwhelming, and the information overload point was easily reached.

My solution is to create the Publishing 101 series to provide a basic knowledge level in a more efficient manner. Once the basic practical knowledge is set, the author can then switch his/her focus back to the two most important activities. Instead of making you wait, I’ll tell you what they are: Writing and building your platform.

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