Chapter 5: Platform Building – Set Up Your Twitter Account.


Twitter is great for building relationships with people who have similar interests. It’s the relationships you build, and the content that’s shared between Twitter users that makes it a key part of your author platform.

Twitter is not for sending out tweets that tell people to buy your book. Instead, it’s used to engage your followers with content they might benefit from, and to connect and join the conversation.

Here are a few example tweets:

  • I’m looking for a publisher for Winking your way to success. Any recommendations?
  • Has anyone used the KDP program? Is it better to do all 5 days at once, or one day at a time?
  • Winking your way to success is now available on Kindle. It’s free for the next 3 days. Thanks for being a part of my journey.

If I had to pick my two favorite things about twitter, they would be the links and the ability to have your content easily spread outside of your circle.

When I say links, I mean the great content that is often attached to a tweet by a link. Simply click the link and go directly to the content. If you like it, and think your followers might also, just press the re-tweet button.

The ability to have your content spread outside of your circle happens because if someone re-tweets you, it will pass your content along to their followers. This is a different group of people than your followers, so now your content is on its way to a broader base of readers.

Chapter 5 Video Tutorial:  On-line Platform Building – Create Your Twitter Account.

Before you invest the time to set up your Twitter account, please read the paragraph below. It is from Chapter 4 in the Publishing 101 series and its worth repeating at this time:

Depending on your comfort level with technology and your own book sales goals, you may choose to use one or several tools in your on-line platform. A common mistake some authors make is to try to be everywhere all at once. My recommendation is to simply pick one on-line tool to start and give it some time. Once you see how your reach is expanded with the first tool, you will be able to make a better decision about your what your second tool might be. The key to success in any on-line tool is to commit to using it and being present with your followers. If you set up several tools and ignore them all you will not find success.

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