Chapter 6: Platform Building – Set Up Your Facebook Account

FacebookA Facebook Fan Page is a great way for an author to have a Facebook presence that is separate from their general Facebook presence. Your “friends” are made on your personal page, and your Fan Page is followed by people hitting the “Like” button. If you don’t want to take the extra step to set up a Fan Page, you can still post updates about your journey as an author on your regular Facebook page.

Feel free to use your Facebook Fan Page to share the journey of your book with photos and updates. When your book lands on the shelf in a local book store, post a picture with you standing beside it. It’s called a Fan Page because people who “liked” it are fans and want the information. This is why a Facebook Fan Page is such a great thing for an author to have as part of their platform.

When you reach 30 likes on your Fan Page your stats will start to show. This is another great reason to set up a Fan Page instead of just using your personal Facebook account for your writing journey. The stats will show you the reach of your posts. This is an incredible tool for learning how to really connect with people. If you see your stat chart spike, you can look back at what you posted to see why it touched people enough to share it with others.

Chapter 6 Video Tutorial:  Create your Facebook Fan Page.

Before you invest the time to set up your Facebook Fan Page, please read the paragraph below. It is from Chapter 4 in the Publishing 101 series and its worth repeating at this time:

Depending on your comfort level with technology and your own book sales goals, you may choose to use one or several tools in your on-line platform. A common mistake some authors make is to try to be everywhere all at once. My recommendation is to simply pick one on-line tool to start and give it some time. Once you see how your reach is expanded with the first tool, you will be able to make a better decision about your what your second tool might be. The key to success in any on-line tool is to commit to using it and being present with your followers. If you set up several tools and ignore them all you will not find success.

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