From Fearful to Fabulous – Book Signing Event

Brockville author Sandra Jean (Sandy) Buck will be signing copies of her newly released book: From Fearful to Fabulous and Everywhere in Between, Journeys in Poetry and Prose

Event Details: Little White Lite, 35 Central Ave. East, Brockville, Ontario. 
Date and Time: Sunday June 9, 12:00 – 4:00


moving through life
the most powerful thing
is to touch even one other
living being with love

that simple act will
reverberate endlessly outward
and change everything

I have chosen to use this little poem to open my book. I feel it sums up very well, the tone and the intention of that which follows. It encompasses both the theme that love is the most powerful tool at anyone’s disposal, and the interconnectedness of all beings into the Whole. The thoughts, words and actions of each one of us affect the universal energy field which holds all of us together. Therefore, the idea that you are powerless is simply not true! Each one of us can choose to make positive changes happen on a massive scale simply by being kind. The effects of this action will echo forward far beyond our conscious reality to uplift the lives of others in wonderful ways.


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