Some goals are tangible, and some are a little harder to explain. Let’s call the second type intangible. Not that all goals need to be explained, but if you had to explain your goal to others, how would you phrase it? Sandy mentioned several times over the past few months that she hoped her book would “touch others”. At least that’s the way I remember it. I don’t remember her ever saying that her goal was to “hold a finished copy in her hand”.

As a Publisher, my goal is to help others achieve theirs. It’s pretty simple. In Sandy’s case, how do I know if her goal has been met, if it’s the intangible type? That’s where last Sunday afternoon enters the story. Last Sunday afternoon was Sandy’s book signing. An hour or so into the event, Sandy started to read from her book. As the room went quiet, and all ears were focused on the words she spoke, it started to happen. For some it was with the first poem, for others it was after a few. For me it was during The Flower Lady. I don’t know if or when it happened for Sandy. One thing I do know is this: Her book has touched others.

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