Happy Holidays e-book give away

I’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday season! On Dec 25th and 26th the following Kindle e-books will be available for free on Amazon. If you don’t have a kindle reader, all you need is the free Kindle Reader App. Just download it to your computer, tablet or phone and enjoy the free e-books.

Children’s Books:


Take a Chance by Kim Benton

The charming tale about a “doodle” who lives his life taking many chances- see what adventures and mischief the comical Chance can get himself into.

If the Moon was a Heart

If the Moon was a Heart by Andrea Wolfe

IF THE MOON WAS A HEART asks the question: What is the power of Love? The inspiring story and colourful images encourage conversation and the sharing of thoughts, ideas and hope.

Si la Lune Etait Un Coeur Cover

Si la Lune Était un Cœur by Andrea Wolfe

SI LA LUNE ÉTAIT UN COEUR pose la question: Quelle est la puissance de l’amour? L’histoire inspire et les images encouragent la conversation, les idées et l’espoir.

First Nations Life

First Nations Life by Eva Kakepetum

The paintings of Abe Kakepetum and the words of his wife Eva work together to create a picture of the traditions and ideals of our First Nations people.

Beatrice Makes a Promise - Cover

Beatrice Makes A Promise by Victoria Gilpin

One day Beatrice was given as a gift to a young girl who just adored her new angel doll. That evening…when the moonlight filled the room…something magical began to happen.

Poetry Books:

From Fearful to Fabulous

 From Fearful to Fabulous by Sandy Buck

Allow the rich imagery woven into each piece to take you on a very personal journey of your own. No matter your culture, gender, background or spiritual path, you will find bits of yourself within these carefully scripted pages.

After the Broken Heart by Eda Maddalena

After the Broken Heart by Eda Maddalena

This book celebrates, in poetry, the journey from a broken heart to the faithful love of Christ that heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

From Despair to Dreams

From Despair to Dreams by Maria Lento

These poems will inspire you to feel that there is always a rainbow at the end of the storm, and that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Never give up!!!

Self Help Books:

Alive Again

Alive Again by Eva Kakepetum

Eva Kakepetum is an addiction and mental health counsellor who has lived through the dark times and is now living in the light. She shares her story so that you will know what she has overcome, and to let you know you are not alone in your struggle.

A Path to Wholeness

A Path to Wholeness by Tashene Wolfe

In the game of Life, we all have our designated positions. Tashene Wolfe, with her unique and powerful insight into human behavior, helps the reader understand why we play the roles we do.


Emma Field – Book 1 by Carol Williams

Emma Field has dreams and desires that call her to go beyond her father’s struggle to survive as an immigrant in Canada West in the 1840s. With the love of her Quaker neighbours and her own courage, she takes her first tentative steps at understanding the world around her.

Emma Field – Book 2 by Carol Williams

In Emma Field, Book II, the young Canadian heroine of Book I has left home and now continues her adventures in the Hudson River Valley of New York State. Arriving as a teacher at the Nine Partners Boarding School, Emma soon becomes aware of the social inequalities of mid-19th century America.

Emma Field – Book 3 by Carol Williams

In this final book of Carol E. Williams’s mid-19th century trilogy, something strong and certain is ignited in the young Emma Field as she accompanies a former slave to a new home in Canada and discovers the power of liberty, forgiveness and the ancestors. Guided by a mighty Irishman establishing a new life for former slaves in Canada, a steadfast Quaker reformer, and a wise and fiery matriarch of the displaced Seneca nation, Emma confronts her past and finds her way to a future filled with purpose and love.

Business Books:

The 32 Second Entrepreneur Book 2

 The 32 Second Entrepreneur by Dan Barrett

This collection of 140 short articles quickly provides you with the tools to open a new business or improve any existing business.

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