Ian Allan Burnett

Game for Life by Ian Allan Burnett

Game for Life – The Game Revealed

This is the story of the last player left in this, the game of life. A game that is played by the gods of Olympus to decide on who would rule over mankind for the next 2,000 years. The story is centered on John the player and Prometheus his Rememberer that helps him understand the game. There are many rules to the game and John has to learn them, some he has to remember from past lives. John must do battle against the Omen and win, or, Zeus, who has the current rule, must turn over all of humanity to Hades, for 2000 years, making it like hell on earth.

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  • Pages: 240
  • Dimensions: 6 x9 inches
  • Published: Apr 28 2019
  • ISBN-10:  192804526X
  • ISBN-13:  978-1928045267

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The Ninth Kingdon – The Sign of the Blood Moon

The Ninth Kingdom by Ian Allan Burnett Cover

This is the story of an adopted young man that wants to go on a quest, to find out why his mother and father were killed. His journey of discovery takes place in an ancient land, formally known as Mesopotamia. His pilgrimage to this land and his search for the truth reveals far more knowledge than he could have imagined. He found his mission in life, a love that would last forever and destiny that he can’t avoid. He finds himself embroiled in a battle to save mankind against a dark force, that had already destroyed eight other kingdoms of man.

  • Pages: 230
  • Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches
  • Published: Aug 12 2019
  • ISBN-10:  1928045294
  • ISBN-13:  978-1928045298

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It’s in the Water – The Discovery and Secrets of Death 

Its in the Water by Ian Allan Burnett Cover

This is a story that takes place in the future, 2075. Due to medical breakthroughs and advances in healthcare, the average life span had risen to 125 years and climbing. The industrialized world now suffers from overpopulation with the majority of its citizens over the age of 65. This became a critical factor in the collapse of financial safety nets and retirement saving programs. The resulting bankruptcies affected all levels of retirement programs and retired pensioners. Two Canadian scientists make a discovery that on one side, is a wondrous medical breakthrough, however, in the wrong hands, it could be used as a military weapon to make currently occupied lands available, for overpopulated countries to use for themselves. This could be accomplished by the partial or total annihilation of the population, without any harmful after-effects, on infostructure or re-habitation. The question becomes, what will the governments that currently hold this new discovery, do with it?

  • Pages: 267
  • Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches
  • Published: Aug 12 2019
  • ISBN-10:  1928045308
  • ISBN-13:  978-1928045304

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About Ian Allan Burnett:

Ian Allan Burnett is a first generation Canadian of Scottish descent. Born in Prince Edward Island. He was raised in a newspaper publishing family. Stories were something that he grew up with and loved. His family had a cottage on the East River as it was called then. It was a place of wonder and magic. Not because of all the fine things it had, but for all the things it did not have. I think they would best be described as rustic.
There were two cottages, in reality, one was considered his father’s and the other was considered his father’s brothers. Ian’s father had four brothers; one was lost in World War II. The front porch of the cottage was screened in, and his favorite memories were formed there. Especially from those rainy nights that his father, mother, friends, and relatives would be there playing games and telling stories from their own life experiences. The stories ranged from wartime experiences to where the moonshine still, was to have been, including the moonshiners that ran the still for that matter, or at least according to the stories.
Some stories were funny, some were sad, some were downright scary, and he loved hearing every one of them as often as they were told.
Ian’s life is a montage of experiences and professions. From newspaper publisher to soldier, from a salesman to a mortgage broker. He now has a chance to do what he has always wanted to do, and that is to be a writer of his own stories, ones that can be shared through his books with others.
Ian is married, has a wife and three children, one grandchild and more on the way. He now lives in Belleville Ontario, which is on the Bay of Quinte.