If the Moon was a Heart – Kindle edition

If the Moon was a Heart

If the Moon was a Heart by Andrea Wolfe is free on Kindle until Dec 25th. If the Moon was a Heart asks the question: What is the power of Love? The inspiring story and colorful images encourage conversation and the sharing of thoughts, ideas and hope. Ages 1-100.

What if you don’t have a Kindle? No problem – Just get the Kindle reading app from Amazon and you can enjoy any Kindle e-book from your computer, tablet or cell phone.

Help your fellow author! Did you know that reviews on Amazon are a great way to help boost sales of a book. Books with more reviews sell more copies. If you want to help a fellow author out, simply download the free e-book and leave an honest review after you have read it.

Instruction to get the Kindle reader app:

Go to your Amazon account.

If you don’t have an Amazon account, it’s time to make one. If you are in Canada, Amazon.ca may be your best bet since Amazon prefers e-books for Canadians to come from Amazon.ca.

If you already have an Amazon.com account, feel free to give it a try. If you get an error along the way, just create an account on Amazon.ca

After you sign in to your Amazon account:

  • Go to: Shop by department
    • then: Kindle
    • then: Kindle apps and resources
    • then: Free Kindle reading apps
    • Now select your device and click download now.

After the download is complete, click to start the execution.

After the execution is done, you will have a Kindle icon on your desk-top.

When you use the Kindle reader app, it will ask you to register. This is necessary to link your e-books to the app. Use your Amazon username and password.

Now get an e-book to read:

Go to Amazon.ca and sign in to your Amazon account:

  • Go to: Shop by department
    • then: Kindle
    • then: Kindle books
    • Now search for a Kindle book.

On the right hand side, you will see the “buy now with 1 click” button, and just below that “Deliver to” will show you reading app of choice. Enjoy.

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