How to make a free website

As an author, your web-site can be the center hub of your on-line platform. Everything else links back to it. It’s also the one place that you can clearly communicate your brand to the world.

Your website can have an image of your book cover, links to your book on Amazon, links to your social media accounts and the all important Blog.

Odds are that if you are a writer, you’ll want to write often and about many topics. A Blog is the perfect forum to share your writing with the world so people can get to know you and your writing.

The good news is that today’s websites are simple and functional. A simple free website with a home page, contact page and Blog are all that most writers need.

If you ever considered having your own website but wondered exactly how to make one, you are in luck. The video below is 26 minutes long and shows every step required to make a Free WordPress website. As always, if you would like help setting up your website so you can focus on the writing, we are here to help.