Potato Cannons and Twitter

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Last weekend brought me a thumb blister and a brand new Twitter account, both courtesy of my brother-in-law Frank. When my son David told me how much fun he had building a potato cannon with his cousins on Sunday morning (at Franks house), it reminded me of the stuff we did back in the old days. The days when you made your own fun playing with things that didn’t have a battery life indicator on the screen. I also remember getting the odd injury back then. As a safe parent; I told David not to put too much lighter fluid in the cannon. When it was my turn to shoot the cannon on Sunday afternoon, I should have told myself not to put my thumb too close to the ignition hole.

So what do potato cannons have to do with twitter? It’s the thumb. One of the first things I read on twitter was an article on improving your blogging skills. The take away for me was: No photo – No story. It suggested that a reporter would never submit a story without a photo. A photo engaged the reader in a way that words alone could not. The same benefit can be gained by adding a photo to a blog post. So this week’s blog post has a photo of my thumb blister.  I took the photo in front of a Tim Horton’s coffee cup just so my mother would say “good heavens” when she saw it. Let’s just say, if Tim Horton’s gave out air miles, I’d be spending the odd weekend in Hawaii.

By the way, Frank also gave me some pointers on using twitter and then retweeted my first tweet to get the ball rolling. Thanks Frank.

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