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The Secret of the Golden Orbs

Book 2 of The de la Montagne Trilogy
R. Patricia Capitain has crafted another engaging story for the pre-teen reader. Princesses Cordelia and Emma’s adventures continue, laced with mysterious flying creatures, natural disasters, threatening strangers, and defenseless children. Balancing royal expectations and youthful inexperience, the girls take the reader through more lively twists and turns as they take responsibility for their actions and face the greatest adventure of all—growing up!
Maggie Wheeler, Author of the bestselling Farran Mackenzie “Lost Villages” mysteries
Excerpt from the book
Cordelia stared at the glowing lights that blinked on and off, on and off, non-stop.  She shivered with anticipation and a touch of fear. “All right, come on out,” she called, as she rose from the damp cave floor. And, as if whatever was out there had understood her, the orbs came closer and closer, until they were right in front of her, shining brighter than stars at night. She bent forward to see better, but—staring into the blinding lights—she only saw sparks behind her eye lids. Oh, what have I done? Emma doesn’t even know where I am. Her heart was beating fast; she could hear it pounding against her chest. She stopped breathing and may have fainted if, at that very moment, she hadn’t felt a sharp pain shooting up her leg. She cried out in pain and kicked at her invisible attacker. Whatever had hurt her made a clacking noise, turned off its blinking lights, and disappeared. An eerie silence followed. When Cordelia touched the spot where she had felt the pain on her leg, her fingers came back wet and sticky. Blood… I am bleeding… I will bleed to death. The princess’s situation had become vexingly spooky, infuriatingly dangerous, and a whole lot scarier than she knew how to cope with. What was she to do?

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Pages: 206
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Published: October 8, 2016
ISBN-10: 1928045162
ISBN-13: 978-1928045168


The Princess on a Cloud

Book 1 of The de la Montagne Trilogy
Who hasn’t imagined having a double…someone who looks just like you, but whose life is so much more interesting? That’s what Cordelia and Emma, two young girls from very different backgrounds, discover one magical Midsummer’s Eve in The Princess on a Cloud: A Fairy Tale of Suspense. Cordelia and Emma, who live in the Kingdom de la Montagne, meet during the magical Midsummer Night’s Ball hosted by the Forest King. They are bewildered when they realize how much they resemble each other. With the help of Fairy Hella they switch their identities. At the end of the ball the girls go to their new homes where adventure and deception lead the way. They learn through trial and error that someone else’s life isn’t always better. The princess and the orphan both discover the importance of a promise given and experience the value of newly formed friendships. When they reunite, after having been separated for a year, they must depend on their creativity to overcome problems they hadn’t anticipated. From once upon a time to happily ever after, The Princess on a Cloud is a tale of suspense that will keep the reader hooked, wanting to read or hear one more chapter.

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Pages: 138
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Published: December 18, 2012
Publisher: GSPH (General Store Publishing House)
ISBN-10: 1771230037
ISBN-13: 978-1771230032

In a Rosedale GardenLook inside

In a Rosedale Garden

By Anne Bunty Loucks, Patricia CoveDan TraffordDorothy BushBetty CunninghamMarike HarrisR. Patricia Capitain
A family secret is unearthed by an excavator’s shovel.  In an effort to find answers,  David Montgomery uncovers more questions. They eventually lead him on a journey of discovery that turns his comfortable life into one he could never have imagined.
This is a story of intrigue and deceit that enters one generation and has its outcome in the next.  “The sins of the father shall be visited on the son.”  
The Challenge: Through a Glass, Darkly
Six members of Brockville’s writers group Writers’ Ink accepted a challenge to write a book together. Writer’s Ink co-founder Anne “Bunty” Loucks wrote a novel titled In a Rosedale Garden over 20 years ago. Although it was released as a newspaper serial, it was never published as a book. The challenge accepted by the authors was to use In a Rosedale Garden as the plot, and each author would re-write their own chapter in their own style. The result is a novel titled Through a Glass, Darkly. Both novels have been combined together and published in one book. The book is titled In a Rosedale Garden but it also contains the author collaborative titled Through a Glass, Darkly.  
The authors of Through a Glass, Darkly are: Anne Bunty Loucks, Patricia Cove, Dan Trafford, Dorothy Bush, Betty Cunningham, Marike Harris, R. Patricia Capitain.

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Pages: 204
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Published: November 23, 2013
ISBN-10: 1492915149
ISBN-13: 978-1492915140

R Patricia Capitain

About R. Patricia Capitain

R. Patricia Capitain practiced family psychotherapy for thirty years in Montreal, before becoming a freelance writer of non-fiction. In 2012, she published her first children’s book, The Princess on a Cloud. She co-published a murder mystery, Through a Glass Darkly, in 2013. The Secret of the Golden Orbs is the second book in The de la Montagne trilogy. Patricia lives with her husband, and much wildlife, in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario.