In a Rosedale Garden

Six local authors join the original writer to re-tell a story written more than twenty years ago. Read In a Rosedale Garden and experience a mystery that transports you to the post-war era of the 40’s and 50’s when a family tragedy buries secrets for future generations to find. Then read Through a Glass, Darkly, where the same story takes on twists and turns from the six authors. This collaboration illustrates the difference between material written in a gentler time and that of the 21st century.

The Challenge:

Six members of Brockville’s writers group Writers’ Ink accepted a challenge to write a book together. Writer’s Ink co-founder Anne “Bunty” Loucks wrote a novel titled In a Rosedale Garden over 20 years ago. Although it was released as a newspaper serial, it was never published as a book. The challenge accepted by the authors was to use In a Rosedale Garden as the plot, and each author would re-write their own chapter in their own style. The result is a novel titled Through a Glass, Darkly. Both novels have been combined together and published in one book. The book is titled In a Rosedale Garden but it also contains the author collaborative titled Through a Glass, Darkly.

In a Rosedale Garden is available in print format through and Barnes and Noble.  Kindle e-book format is also available.

The Authors: