We specialize in “print on demand” and e-book publishing for new authors.

Our authors keep 100% of their royalties, proceeds and book rights.

Are you a new author?

Do you have a manuscript that is ready for submission? At New Author Publishing, we make it easy for new authors to get published. We handle the technical and administrative side of the publishing process so you can focus on the thing you love most: writing!

What we do:

New Author Publishing serves the market gap between “Do It Yourself Publishing” and “Traditional Publishing”. We provide a full range of publishing services that our authors can choose from, and we charge an hourly fee to provide the services. Since our authors pay for the services provided, they are entitled to keep 100% of all profits and royalties from the sales of their books. Our authors also maintain all rights to their work.

“Print on demand” publishing for new Authors.

Located in Brockville, Ontario Canada