Take a Chance by Kim Benton

Just released: Take a Chance by Kim Benton

Taking a chance on a puppy turns out to be a wonderful and action packed experience for the whole family.  Follow the adventures of this Golden Doodle as his comical antics bring laughter to young readers.

Kim Benton has been writing stories since she was a young girl.  Growing up in a small Eastern Ontario village, she always had a dog, a horse, and one time even a calf as a pet!  This book is written about her family dog and his true to life escapades.

She currently resides in the Thousand Islands Region of Eastern Ontario and has worked in Community Corrections for thirty years.  She has three adult children and one grandchild.

After the Broken Heart by Eda Maddalena

After the Broken Heart by Eda Maddalena

Just released! After the Broken Heart: Finding the Love of Christ by Eda Maddalena.

After the pain and grief of abandonment and divorce, the author drew closer to God and immersed herself in the bible to find healing. What she found was the greatest love of all, the love of Jesus Christ. This book celebrates, in poetry, the journey from a broken heart to the faithful love of Christ that heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Eda Maddalena is a believer in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God. She is a daughter, mother, sister, friend, and teacher. Her desire is to spread the good news of God’s great love.

A Path to Wholeness by Tashene Wolfe

A Path to Wholeness

In the world of self-help books, this one is a game changer.  In the game of Life, we all have our designated positions.  Tashene Wolfe, with her unique and powerful insight into human behavior, helps the reader understand why we play the roles we do.

A Path to Wholeness is a book of self discovery that explores the nature of human experience by looking at patterns of relating that limit our Personal Power and prevent us from living with clarity and integrity.

This second edition comes at a time when people are much more aware of the dangers of substance abuse, as well as physical and emotional abuse. Many people are looking for support in becoming more conscious and in control of their lives. It is from this place that A Path to Wholeness offers insights into how to release self-imposed limitations to make room for a better way of life.  It addresses things like self-confidence and self-esteem and is invaluable for its relationship advice.

If you are willing to look inside yourself, this book can increase your awareness of your true potential and help you understand the people around you.  It can provide clarity of vision and empower you to find freedom and joy.

From Despair to Dreams

From Despair to Dreams

Introducing From Despair to Dreams by Maria Lento. 

In her own words:  Poetry has helped me through the hardest times in my life, as I was able to express my deepest darkest thoughts and bring them to light. I hope these poems inspire you to feel that there is always a rainbow at the end of the storm, and that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Never give up!!!  

First Nations Life

First Nations Life

Introducing First Nations Life – Teachings of the Elders by Eva Kakepetum. First Nations Life is a children’s book that combines the artwork of Abe Kakepetum with Eva’s words to create a picture of the traditions and ideals of our First Nations people. The book also contains colouring book pages derived from Abe’s art that make it perfect for a classroom setting or a child who loves art and colouring.

First Nations Life was created to preserve the First Nations traditions by passing them to the next generation.

Eva and Abe have collaborated on songs, artwork and books over the years. Abe is a well-known artist whose work has traveled the globe. Eva is a mental health counselor and the author of Alive Again – A Journey From the Storms of Life.

First Nations Life can be enjoyed by people of all ages who desire to gain a better understanding of our connection to Mother Earth.

Eva Kakepetum – Book signing at Coles

Eva Kakepetum signed copies of her book Alive Again – A Journey From the Storms of Life at Coles in Thunder bay last weekend. It was a successful signing with books sold, readers engaged and  copies now for sale on the shelf in the store.

Stay tuned for Eva’s second book Welcome to My Culture – Teachings of the Elders. It’s a Children’s book featuring artwork by her husband Abe Kakepetum. It’s scheduled for release in August.

Meet Eva Kakepetum

Eva Kakepetum

Eva Kakepetum is an addiction and mental health counselor who has lived through the dark times and is now living in the light. She shares her story so that you will know what she has overcome, and to let you know you are not alone in your struggle.

Now in her early 60’s, Kakepetum continues to learn from everyone she meets and works with. Through the years, she has developed an understanding of why people have a tendency to complicate things and create turmoil within their lives and those surrounding them.

Alive Again – A Journey from the Storms of Life will reveal the secret to successful relationships and help anyone achieve their goals, become their own best friend, and let their light shine.

Emma Field – Book Three

In this final book of Carol E. Williams’ mid-19th century trilogy, something strong and certain is ignited in the young Emma Field as she accompanies a former slave to a new home in Canada and discovers the power of liberty, forgiveness and the ancestors. Guided by a mighty Irishman establishing a new life for former slaves in Canada, a steadfast Quaker reformer, and a wise and fiery matriarch of the displaced Seneca nation, Emma confronts her past and finds her way to a future filled with purpose and love.

Emma Field – Book Two

In Emma Field, Book II, the young Canadian heroine of Book I has left home and now continues her adventures in the Hudson River Valley of New York State. Arriving as a teacher at the Nine Partners Boarding School, Emma soon becomes aware of the social inequalities of mid-19th century America. She is inspired by reformers Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott at the first Women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls. She then daringly assists the Quakers involved with freeing slaves on the Underground Railroad.