Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Your Author Bio

Today’s blog post is a guest post from Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur.com. Dave has a passion for books and specializes in Kindle e-book marketing.

If you ask a group of authors about the things they are most excited about, you’re unlikely to hear the words ‘author bio’ at any point.

For many, the author bio is simply a chore to tick off the list, about as exciting as signing up for an email address or deleting messages from our inbox.

While understandable, this viewpoint is massively mistaken.

Our author bio is a unique chance to creatively express ourselves as writers and speak directly to our fans.

So why exactly does an author bio matter, and why should you spend time making it awesome?

Our Age Is The Age Of Connectivity

The age we live in is all about connectivity. People really care about how many friends they have on Facebook and how many people have retweeted their latest opinion.

This applies equally to authors as it does anyone else. People who are thinking about buying your book want to know who you are and how your personality has shaped your creative output.

Simply put, your author bio is a way for people to connect with who you are as a person, which should be an important part of your book marketing plan. If they feel either a sense of commonality, or that your life is vastly different from their own in some interesting or exotic way, then your book becomes more attractive as a result.

Readers Want To Know Writers

If you’ve ever attended an author Q and A, you’ll know that many people only want to know about the writer rather than the book. Writers are fascinating to readers. Your author bio is the perfect chance to fulfill that fascination.

Your author bio should show who you really are and should avoid cliche. For example, you don’t need to mention the fact you are a writer. You don’t need to mention that you’ve always dreamed of writing. Those things are obvious. Instead, give a little bit of flavor. Give a small insight into your life.

If you can link your creative pursuits to your personality, even better. For example, if you get the ideas for your stories when you are snowboarding, mention this. Readers love being able to envision the creative process, so play to this desire.

Stand Out From The Crowd

The majority of authors fall into two groups when it comes to their author bio – either they don’t have one at all, or they have a boring bio full of cliche which is almost guaranteed to bore the reader.

By writing a refreshing, honest and engaging bio, you instantly stand out from the crowd of unimaginative competing authors.

The marketplace for books is more competitive by the day, and it’s imperative to do everything possible to appear unique and to grab the attention of potential readers. Your author bio is totally free and entirely within your control. Ignoring it could make all the difference between being written off as another vanilla self-published author, or forming a genuine connection with a fan who eagerly anticipates your next book.

Author Bio Final Thoughts

You now see that your author bio is a fantastic showcase for who you really are, a chance to connect with your fans and a way to gain an advantage over your competition.

So what do you think? Have you ever read an awesome, or awful, author bio? What are some of the things you’ve found most interesting when checking out other author bios?

I have a small challenge for anyone reading this. Go to Amazon right now, and read the author bio of your favorite writer. Let me know in the comments who they are, and what you thought of their bio.