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When in doubt: Write.

I just got back from a short trip to New York City. NYC is amazing. The air is thick with inspiration. This was our son David’s first trip, so we did the obligatory double-decker bus tour package deal – two tour bus loops (the down-town and the up-town), and one boat tour. We had three […]

Writers path to Amazing

Last month I attended my first meeting of the Brockville writers group called Writers’ Ink. At that meeting, they gave me the honor of picking the topic for the monthly writing exercise. Write a short story, exactly 250 words in length, and share it at the next meeting.  As my brain was slowly deciding between […]


Some goals are tangible, and some are a little harder to explain. Let’s call the second type intangible. Not that all goals need to be explained, but if you had to explain your goal to others, how would you phrase it? Sandy mentioned several times over the past few months that she hoped her book […]

Coffee, Tea or Decaf?

Coffee, Tea or Decaf? Finally, something that brings me back to consciousness. I have been trapped in a power session of eavesdropping from row 15 of the Via train heading east from Toronto. Reinforcement products for plaster ceilings can only grab your attention so long. Pineapple or dark? She’s back again. That’s the truffle flavor choice […]

The Push

Sometimes we need a push. Encouragement is good, but a skillfully delivered push is better. Over the last six months I have witnessed the push twice and been a receiver of the push once. Strangely enough, all three cases have been by the same “pusher”. All three cases have also resulted in positive outcomes. Late […]