Chapter 1: Build the Foundation of Your Author Platform

Your platform is what helps you reach your “first readers”. “First reader” is a term used for the critical first layer of people that read your book. They are most likely the people who are in the reach of your platform. They will tell others to buy your book if your book is a great one.

We’ll focus on the on-line side of your platform today. Now keep in mind that the off-line or in-person side of your platform is just as important, but we’ll examine that in future chapters.

The foundation of your platform should include some on-line presence.That can be in the form of a basic author website and some common social media tools. They all help in creating real connections with real people. These connections make it possible to reach your critical “first readers”.

Depending on your comfort level with technology and your own book sales goals, you may choose to use one or several tools in your on-line platform. A common mistake some authors make is to try to be everywhere all at once. My recommendation is to simply pick one on-line tool to start and give it some time. Once you see how your reach is expanded with the first tool, you will be able to make a better decision about what your second tool might be.

The key to success in any on-line tool is to commit to using it and being present with your followers. If you set up several tools and ignore them all you will not find success.

The important thing to know about building a platform is that it takes time, so the best time to start is today.

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