Meet Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Carol Williams grew up on land swept by the winds of Lake Ontario and farmed by members of her family for two hundred years. She is the author of the much-loved Emma Field series of novels and now lives on a sheep farm in eastern Ontario.

In Her Own Words…“Several years ago, in what can only be described as a shaky state, I picked up a pencil and a spiral-bound notebook and began to write about the young Emma Field making her way through the changing times of the Industrial Revolution. As Emma and I have walked these many years together, my inner growth has nurtured hers, and her growth in the presence of integral people, real and fictional, has nurtured mine. From William King, Lucretia Mott and the Quakers, Emma and I learned about the power and energy available to those who are deeply connected to their wholeness. From spunky Jessabelle-Rose Matheson we learned how far desire and fearlessness can take anyone, even a former slave-girl. And from Orenda Pierce, matriarch of the displaced Seneca nation, we learned that love, even love that has traversed generations, is a force that can heal the most broken. These books are about ’place‘ and ‘belonging,’ but they are also about ‘moving forward’ – about breaking free of all that binds us.”

The Emma Field Series contains three novels that have been released in hard and soft cover print format. New Author Publishing is honoured to be publishing her trilogy in print format that will be available through Amazon, as well as the Kindle e-book editions.