Are you a new author? Do you have a manuscript that is ready for submission? At New Author Publishing, we make it easy for new authors to get published. We handle the technical and administrative side of the publishing process so you can focus on the thing you love most: writing!

What we do:

New Author Publishing serves the market gap between “Do It Yourself Publishing” and “Traditional Publishing”. We provide a full range of publishing services that our authors can choose from, and we charge an hourly fee to provide the services. Since our authors pay for the services provided, they are entitled to keep 100% of all profits and royalties from the sales of their books. Our authors also maintain all rights to their work.

How the publishing process works:

  • Submit your manuscript for an honest review.
  • We’ll let you know if your manuscript is ready to publish, or if it needs additional editing.
  • If you decide to move forward, we will start by formatting your print book and creating your cover.
  • We’ll send you a pdf of your book’s interior and cover for you to review.
  • When you say the word, we will upload your book to the printers, assign an ISBN and order a proof (a real copy of your book) for you to review.
  • After the proof is reviewed and approved, we will release your book for sale on Amazon and you can order author copies of your book to sell yourself.
  • If you decide to release an e-book version of your book, we will format and release it for sale on Amazon Kindle.
  • Your book will be set up in your own account at the printers so each time you need to order author copies of your book, you simply order them directly and pay only the wholesale print cost.
  • Each time a print or e-book version of your book is sold on Amazon, the book is printed on demand and shipped directly to the customer by Amazon. All royalties go directly into your own account for you to keep 100%.
  • Each time you sell a print copy of your book in person, you keep all proceeds from the sale. You are free to set the retail price and since you only pay the wholesale print cost for your books, your profits are maximized.
  • At every stage of the publishing process we provide our expertise and guidance to make the process as painless (and rewarding) as possible.

 How your book gets sold:

  • Your print book will be set up for distribution through Amazon. When someone orders a copy, it will be “printed on demand” and shipped to the customer by Amazon. Amazon will credit a royalty directly to your account and you will keep 100%.
  • The kindle e-book version of your book will be set up for distribution through Amazon. When someone purchases a copy of the e-book, it is sent via Amazon and they will credit a royalty directly to your account and you will keep 100%.
  • You will have the opportunity to sell your own book. This may be at a book signing event, speaking engagement, direct author sales, consignment at a local book store or through your own website. You can purchase “author copies” of your book at the wholesale price directly from the printer. When you sell a book at the retail price, you make a profit and keep 100% of the proceeds.
  • Expanded distribution is also available through all major on-line retailers if you choose to enable the sales channels through your account.

How much does it cost?

New Author Publishing is a pay for service publishing company. You are free to choose whatever services you require so the publishing cost is largely based on your requirements. As all books and authors are different, setting a fixed fee for publishing is almost impossible. Generally speaking, if your book is already edited and ready to publish, you can expect to pay between $400 – $ 600 to have the print version published. If your book requires multiple rounds of revisions, or if you require the full list of publishing services, your publishing fees could be in the $600 – $900 range. These fees do not include editing or proof reading.

Since you will be selling print copies of the book yourself, you will need to pay the wholesale price for “author copies”.

How does the author make money?

Authors keep 100% of the royalty on all print and e-books sold. Authors also keep 100% of the proceeds from all “author copies” they sell themselves. The authors are responsible for marketing and promotion of their book.

How does New Author Publishing make money?

New Author Publishing provides the services described to publish your book on a pay for service basis. Our hourly rate is currently $30 per hour. We do not mark up your print book cost or receive any royalties from any sales of your book.

The big picture:

After reading the information above, you may be deciding if publishing your book with New Author Publishing is right for you. Your decision can be based on where you decide to focus your time and effort.

For a new author, getting sales traction is the biggest hurdle. You can write a great book, but people need to know about it to buy it. Your book needs to be sold in the world’s biggest book store (Amazon), and it needs to be sold and marketed in person by you. Publishing, printing, setting up distribution and dealing with technical and administrative tasks in the background can all be done by New Author Publishing. You are then free to focus on your book’s marketing and promotion.

Book Pricing Example – Black & White Interior 200 pages:

Book Pricing Example – Colour Interior 44 pages:

Are you ready?